Specialist Testing + Assessments

Divine Care Health Clinic is committed to an evidence-based approach to natural medicine. You are offered the best possible diagnostic services that will assist in determining the cause/s of your underlying health issues so that we can provide the most effective treatment.

We use a variety of general pathology + specialised functional medical tests in order to investigate metabolic, hormonal, biochemical & nutritional issues to reveal the underlying cause /s of your health issues.

In Clinic Tests

Blood Screening

Take a Better View of your Health

pH Test
pH Test is to Measure the Acid/Alkaline Balance of Fluids

Why is urinary pH important?

Subtle changes to the pH of the body can have substantial impacts on a range of health conditions, including stress, bone density, pain, muscle mass and hormonal balance. Urinary pH is a good measure of the 'acid-load' within the body, and many Practitioners use urinary pH to tailor their treatment plans. Urinary pH ranges from 4.5 to 8.0 in extreme cases, and from 5.5 to 6.5 in the average patient.

Urinary Indicans Test
To assess the patients level of intestinal dysbiosis.

BIA-Cellular Health Analysis (Bio-Impedance Testing)

The Cellular Health Analysis, otherwise known as Bio-Impedance Testing, is a scientifically validated and revolutionary assessment that gives an accurate and measurable view of how well your body is functioning “on the inside” and how well you are ageing. By determining how well your cells are functioning and how well your body is working as a whole, we can measure the biological markers of ageing and show you what you need to do to improve your health and proactively plan for a healthy future.

Zinc Tally Taste test
A quick & reliable clinical test for the assessment of zinc status. Zinc is a mineral essential for healthy hormone and immune function, and the growth and repair of all tissues.

Screening Questionnaires
Which provide information on specific organ systems & help formulate accurate diagnosis.

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