Cancer Support Program

It's very important to get professional advice and be careful with advice you may find on the internet!

Shanie Ruprai is truly committed to working together with the patients and their oncologist or general practitioner, to ensure that treatments work synergistically (and are not contraindicated) – to ensure optimal patient care and to provide the patient with a truly complementary approach.

Natural medicine treatment can be integrated with conventional therapies to support you during this challenging time, to support your body physically, especially your immune system, as well as providing emotional support.

It’s very important to seek professional advice regarding drug, herb and nutrient interactions as well as correct dosages and treatment time frames.

It can be difficult for cancer patients to feel good or eat right when undergoing cancer treatments.
Shanie Ruprai- ND will guide you to implement preventative cancer strategies to help with long term health while addressing nutrition before, during and after treatment.

Change in nutrition is necessary for successful cancer therapy.
A clean and healthy diet is very important for the treatment & prevention of cancer.

Current research shows that there are natural products that can have tumour reducing effects. More importantly there are products that can decrease cancer metastasis. A number of studies show that the following have been used successful in cancer treatment:

Curcumin (Turmeric)
Intravenous Vitamin C
Green tea extract
Fractionated Citrus Powder

Shanie creates customised health programs for each individual patient based on her/his current health, medical history & personal life style. You will be given expert clinical diagnosis, disease prevention recommendations & your own customised path to reach optimum health for longevity & healthy Ageing.
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