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Benevolent Leader, Innovator, Mentor , Magnificent and Ambitious describe Shanie Ruprai-ND the founder & Director of Divine Care Health Clinic.
Shanie practices holistic medicine that focuses on prevention, which combines the latest scientific knowledge of Nobel Prize winners with ancient traditional medical systems such as Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine + Nutrition & Aesthetics . Her mission is to share this knowledge with you for a better understanding towards optimum health & healthy Ageing for a higher quality of life.

Shanie Ruprai's goal is to provide exceptional Health Care with incomparable service. Shanie creates customised health programs for each individual patient based on her/his current health, medical history & personal life style. You will be given expert clinical diagnosis, disease prevention recommendations & your own customised path to reach optimum health for longevity & healthy Ageing.

Why Naturopathy?

With age more and more toxins accumulate in our bodies, this can lead to various chronic diseases. It is better to know earlier, more about ourselves and how to prevent diseases according to our individual constitution.
“Studies, observations and treatments with patients prove that our human organism is the greatest miracle in Nature.”

Why consult Shanie the Naturopath?

Shanie does not use chemical drugs. Her main task is to help people prevent disease, taking into consideration the fact that everyone is a unique human being and has his or her individual weakness and strengths.

Who can consult Shanie the Naturopath?

Everybody – from children to elderly people. It does not matter if you feel healthy or you are suffering from any health problems.
It is important for everyone to seek a professional consultancy early enough to detect and prevent problems through very simple and easy measures.

Effectiveness of Shanie’s treatments

Naturopathy treatment focuses on the base of our organism: the cells. Once the cells are healthy, you are healthy.
Shanie’s Naturopathy medicine utilises diagnostic tools, focusing on finding the underlying dysfunctional process or processes leading to a given diagnosis towards which treatment can be targeted by recognising the biochemical individuality of each patient. For example the cause of obesity in one individual may be very different from the cause in another and is based upon each individual’s environment, lifestyle, and genetic predispositions. As such, Shanie’s naturopathy approach and medicine promotes that every patient be evaluated in the context of their unique circumstances.
Core imbalances must be addressed as they represent the basic core causes of most health problems and include:

• Hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances
• Oxidation-reduction imbalances
• Detoxification imbalances
• Immune and inflammatory imbalances
• Digestive imbalances
• Structural imbalances

The approach to such imbalances includes extensive history taking and physical exam, as well as specialised scientific testing based on an individual’s specific needs. Imbalances are then treated with specific interventions which may include dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, physical activity, stress management, detoxification and hormonal manipulation. Treatments are tailored to each patient’s needs and preferences based upon their willingness to participate and their response to treatment. These interventions translate into a longer and healthier life.

Most People/Patients who enter Divine Care Health Clinic recognise that they deserve Only the-best.

Seek Divine Care to Achieve Optimum Health for Healthy living"

Shanie practices holistic medicine specialising in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine + Nutrition & Aesthetics.


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